Thursday 21 January 2016

Anything Goes Challenge at IndigoBlu

Happy New Year! 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, it all seems such a long time ago now!

Anyway, here is the first challenge at IndigoBlu for 2016 and its Anything Goes.

My contribution is this IB mannequin which started out with stamped tissue paper glued to it but I just couldn't get it to work for me. So I started rummaging in my stash for some inspiration and came across a packet of red feathers and I thought wow!  I could make a skirt with them and the project just developed from there.

Out came the GeeSso Good black Gesso and I painted over the tissue. Mini cotton reels from IB were used for the  'arms' and a wooden door knob for the 'head'.  I made the basque from red brocade, black sequins, eyelets and ribbon. The feather skirt and headdress were added though not without a bit of cussing - those feathers had a mind of their own! 

Really pleased how this turned out, just goes to show that even if a project doesn't work first time it can still be rescued.

Have fun. take care x


  1. gorgeous work Joanie - love this to pieces xx

  2. This is fab Joan, great sewing skills of which I'm envious! Definitely made her look different and love the colours, very stylish. xx