Tuesday 28 June 2011

Weekend Retreat

Wouldn't it be great to spend all my days crafting? However, my full time job, family commitments etc always seem to take over. That's why I thoroughly enjoy weekend retreats. I can become totally absorbed and forget everything else!

I recently attended the PaperArtsy and LB Crafts retreat and it was amazing! I learnt a lot of new techniques, met many like-minded people and had a brilliant time!

The projects used the new Fresco Finish chalk acrylics. These paints are gorgeous and will cover any surface which was borne out by the three different projects we did. I love how everyone starts off with the same materials yet every project is totally different!

I was so pleased with my projects, I have given them pride of place in my hallway for all to see. Every time I look at them, I see something different and am quite proud of myself. My daughter was amazed so I will show her the techniques I learnt and then we are going to play  and make something similar together.

What I particuarly liked about this retreat is that we finished all the projects we started. Sometimes, I have felt rushed to finish projects and to start another, but there was no sense of this with Lyn and Leandra.

There is another retreat in October and I will be doing my best to ensure I can go!!

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  1. Dear nana, please could you come over soon and teach us how to make those excellent cards for mummy and daddy,

    Yours sincerely Ben and Molly x x x