Friday 1 July 2011

Birthday Bookmark

I bought a book for my daughter's boyfriend, Sean, for his birthday and decided to make him a bookmark to go with it. He had passed remarks that he kept losing his place in his book, so a bookmark seemed appropriate. A handmade bookmark would also be more personal and unique to him.

The shabby chic look I had learnt at Sheena's workshop can also be quite masculine. Sean supports Watford - I know......... but someone has to! Watford play in black and yellow so I used those colours as you can see from the photo.

I cut a piece of mount board for the bookmark and rounded the top corners then painted it black. Once I had dried this first coat with the heat gun, I painted over it with PVA glue which I also dried. The yellow coat was then put on and as I dried it the crackles appeared. I love this technique. The chipboard letters were done with the same technique, painted first with yellow and then the black as a contrast to the base and then glued on. To finish it off I dragged on some black soot distress ink using cut and dry foam and then sprayed it with clear spray and shine.

There is a saying amongst crafters that they don't waste a blooming thing and I am no exception. Last winter I bought leather boots which had leather strips on the zips but I lost one and of course I kept the other one as it might come in handy. Yes, you guessed it, Sean now has it on his bookmark!

Needless to say, Sean really liked his bookmark.

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