Sunday 3 July 2011

Bookmark Workshop: 8th July 2011

My daughter, Rachel, decided she wanted to start beading. Brenda at "B"dz Bead Shop in Todmorden regularly holds beading workshops and Rachel asked me to go with her to some classes. I really enjoyed them and saw how I could incorporate beading into my card making and mixed media projects.

I had been on a retreat and had painted and stamped a mirror. There was something missing and after making butterfly earrings at one of Brenda's classes I knew how I was going to finish it, and this is the result.

We have been to quite a few of Brenda's workshops and after seeing some of my work she offered to sell my cards in her shop. Of course I jumped at the chance and then she suggested I might also like to do some workshops in her shop.

I was quite nervous when I held the first workshop but once I started I started to really enjoy myself and discovered that I really liked teaching others and the ladies produced some lovely projects. Perhaps I had missed my vocation? There is something very rewarding about sharing your know how with others and watching them use that to create something of their own.

The hardest part is deciding on what project to do. It has to be something that can be completed in 2 hours bearing in mind that not everyone will have the materials to finish projects at home.

My next workshop at "B"dz is on Friday morning 10.30am-12.30pm, 8th July. We are going  to use Sheena's Paint Fusion to create book marks. I had shown Rachel how to paint with Paint Fusion and we made a book mark together; she was really pleased with hers and amazed at how easy it was to do. Sheena's Paint Fusion technique makes painting easy for everyone!

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