Saturday 9 July 2011

Bookmark Workshop: How did it go?

Following on from my previous post, my bookmark workshop was a great success and the ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Everyone finished their projects and were very pleased with the results. At first, the ladies felt the project was 'out of their comfort zone' and were a bit dubious as to whether they would actually be able to paint, claiming that they couldn't paint at all! But, thanks to Sheena's Paint Fusion, painting is made easy and the ladies quickly discovered this and couldn't believe what they were able to produce! Even with lots of practice with this technique, I couldn't differentiate between mine and the other ladies projects, finding them all terrific! Can you tell the difference?

The ladies showed a strong interest in the Paint Fusion range and were very eager to learn more and see what else they could do. I now have a regular work shop slot at "B"dz in Todmorden, being the first Friday of every month and the occasional Tuesday. I intend on doing a lot more Paint Fusion projects due to its popularity! Thank you to Sheena for such an excellent range of products and thank you to all the ladies that attended on Friday, it really was an excellent day!

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